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Namada(opens in a new tab) is a privacy-for-assets centric blockchain using zero-knowledge proof technology. Namada's cryptographical features give users asset-agnostic, interchain privacy, and is being built by the Anoma foundation.

Step by Step Guide

  1. visit the Namada airdrop claim page
  2. Click on “Check NAM eligibility”.
  3. Connect either your wallet or your GitHub account.
  4. Now, submit your Namada address to claim the tokens. Install the Namada extension to get your Namada
  5. The claimed tokens will be available directly in your wallet when the mainnet goes live 
  6. Zcash R&D & Rust Developer Ecosystem,
  7. ZKPs, Cryptography PGs, Privacy Research, & Learning Resources
  8. Interchain PGs, Shielded Ecosystem, PGF Mechanism R&D
  9. Cosmos and Osmosis stakers
  10. BadKids NFT holders,Gitcoin Donors of ZK Tech and Crypto Advocacy
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