Trade across top Crypto Exchanges through a single dashboard

Connect your crypto wallets to track, buy, sell, swap, and borrow digital assets

  • Access to 3000+ crypto currencies across top multiple exchanges

  • Compare crypto prices across multiple exchanges for best Bid - Ask

  • Swap/Lend/Borrow from a single dashboard

  • Multiple AI driven bots trading on top crypto currencies

Single Screen, Multiple-Market Trading

  • Connect multiple crypto exchanges seamlessly.
  • Swift trades in Spot, Derivatives, and Futures.
  • Unify top CeFi Exchanges in one dashboard.
  • Cancel all orders across exchanges with a click.
  • Customizable alerts for market monitoring.

Maximize Swaps, Minimize Fees

  • Explore Top DEX's - UNISWAP, PanCakeSwap & SushiSwap
  • Lightning-fast Swaps, Lowest Fees - Experience Seamless Trading!
  • Effortless Coin Juggling Across 3 Platforms - Maximize Your Profits
  • Optimal Rates on Ethereum and Polygon Chains - Your Gateway to DeFi Excellence!

Compare APYs, Lend & Borrow with Ease

  • Boost passive income with AAVE, Compound & Curve.
  • Lend and borrow Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, BNB, and more in a click.
  • Monitor and compare AAVE, Compound & Curve APY rates seamlessly on one dashboard
  • Lend and borrow across multiple platforms

Maximize Profit with AI Bot Trading

  • Unparalleled ROI using our AI-driven Bot.
  • Flexible Bot tenure options for tailored trading experiences.
  • Proven success with 2+ years of tested Bot data.

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Today's Market Calls (Recommendations)

One dashboard to compare crypto prices across top exchanges

  • Access to 1800+ coins across the exchanges in one place
  • Complete View with 1 click trade
  • AI driven nudges for best Price & vol.

AI based tools to help you decide better

AI driven Onchain analysis of what's happening around the globe and Web 3 Ecosystem

Navigate markets with precision, 24/7 monitoring, trusted recommendations for maximum returns

Monitor your investments on the go


Latest Crypto Market Insights

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Predict & Win


Trade Virtually

Experience crypto trading without real money

with our Virtual Trading Game - Learn, Practice and Master Your Skills!


Learn about insights of Crypto & Blockchain from us

Professional Crypto Programs in partnership with reputed universities

  • Best Mentors from industry (6+ years experienced traders)
  • Registered in Wyoming
  • Certification courses from top universities
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One Pro account to trade on multiple top crypto exchanges

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Need help?

  • What is the Pro App Membership?

    A The Pro App membership gives you access to our suite of products and services such as the Muli-Market Trade Routing Platform, Market Calls, Live Arbitrage Opportunities, and more!

  • What is the Multi Market Trade Routing Platform?

    A. The Multi Market Trade Routing Platform is where you can trade on top crypto exchanges such as Binance, HTX & Gate.io from a single dashboard.

  • What are 3.0 Verse Bots?

    A. The 3.0 Verse Bots are AI Driven bots which utilize advanced trading strategies and algorithms where we have seen APY returns ranging from 30%-300% yearly.

  • What is the 3verse Affiliate Program?

    The 3.0 Verse Affiliate program is to earn a percentage of commission on every successful referral of PRO app membership. As soon as the referee purchases the PRO app with an affiliate referral code, the affiliate will earn a commission up to 20% based on their current referral level.

  • What is IC15?

    The Index of Cryptos (IC15) is a rule-based broad market Index by market capitalization that tracks the performance of widely traded liquid cryptocurrencies in the world. The index enables crypto enthusiasts, investors, and investment managers to monitor the performance of cryptocurrencies in the global markets.

  • What are market calls?

    Market call is prediction based on the analysis done by the third-party experts. Guiding the users to BUY/SELL at price, with defined stop loss.

  • What is the Play to Earn Contest on 3.0 verse ?

    3.0 verse is delighted to offer Play to Earn Contest to its users. "Play to Earn" is a practice and learn platform for the beginners to professional traders. Users can select from top 15 crypto currencies offered on the platform for Play to Earn Contest. Novice users can effectively test their ability to select wisely on the Play to Earn Contest platform, thereby making the decision on buying or selling of crypto's. Users get virtual funds in their wallets for Play to Earn Contest and track their individual gain / loss on real time basis. All the profit / loss is virtual hence, there is no risk of loosing users real money.